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Foot Function is proud to offer the same quality services to the Ottawa community for over 30 years. Discover our Custom Foot Orthotics and Knee Braces below or Contact Us for more info!

Custom Knee Bracing

All of our custom knee braces function with a triple force point lever as well as 3D printing technology to insure the best fit possible for your leg and knee issue

The 'Custom' Effect

Experience the benefits of a truly custom measured brace fabricated just for you

Osteo-Arthirtis Offloading

Custom OA unloading braces with a functional mechanism to reduce bone on bone irritation

Ligament or Meniscus Instability

Bilateral steel hinge mechanism and forcepoint leverage to maximize knee stability

Custom Foot Orthotics

We are proud to be offering the same quality services to the Ottawa community for over 30 years. All of our orthotics are hand crafted from a plaster cast and manufactured in-house at our on-site laboratory.

Dress Orthotic

  • Women’s cobra orthotic designed to accommodate a wide range of dress/small footwear
  • Men’s slim orthotic designed for dress shoes

Sport Orthotic

  • EVA composite shell with integrated shock absorption
  • Added cushioning for higher impact sports/work environment

Casual Orthotic

  • Sleek full or ¾ length design to provide better arch support for everyday/office footwear


We commonly see patients presenting with issues like Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Morton’s Neroma, Bunions, Achilles Tendinitis, Leg Length Discrepancies and Tibialis Posterior Tendon Dysfunction.
Typically our turnaround time with a new pair of custom foot orthotics is two weeks.
Custom foot orthotics and custom knee braces are both products covered through private insurance plans.
We carry both ligament/meniscus braces and Osteo-Arthritis offloading knee braces that help to reduce bone on bone irritation and allow individuals to be mobile with less discomfort.

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